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Professional info

Art has always been an important part of my life, but my career as an artist really began when I graduated from college in 2016. Not really sure what direction to take in life, I began playing around with different media and discovered, purely by accident, a new art form. I call this art form collage for lack of a better term.


With encouragement from friends and family, I began showing my work in local galleries. I collaborated with other local artists on various projects and started attending art shows and craft fairs. While my primary passion has been collage, I also spent time making jewelry, sculpture and working as a costumer.


If you are interested in any of the works shown here, please contact me, but bear in mind that many of these pieces have sold. I am happy to work on commissioned pieces however, and can incorporate themes or colors of your choice.


Mixed Media Collage



Costume Design


Sculpting- ceramic, polymer clay, cardboard, mixed media

Graphic Design

Video Art

2010 - present
Work experience
2010 - present

Costume Designer at St. Lawrence University

I worked in the costume shop of my undergrad college, which I enjoyed immensely. I already some basic sewing skills, but I learned a great deal about costume making and draping while working in this position.  I eventually became the special projects person and got to make all sorts or interesting and unusual costumes for different theater and dance performances.

Senior Costumer at St. John’s Conservatory Theater

I began working with the St. John's Conservatory Theater in the fall of 2016.  I started off doing smaller projects, but gradually began making more elaborate and unique costumes.  I have worked with them on numerous plays and have created costumes from scratch as well as altering clothing to create costumes.  On several occasions I have made accessories such as crowns and fairy wings.

Independent Artist

I have been creating and selling my art at local craft fairs and through Etsy for about a year. I usually create pieces based on my own interests, but I also work on commission. I have designed specialty jewelry and costumes for both individuals and organizations.


Goreyesque Bastards.  Group exhibition.  Richard F. Brush Art Gallery.  2016

Discomfort Zone.  Group exhibition.  Richard F. Brush Art Gallery.  2016

Connect.  Installation. Canton, New York. 2016

SLC Arts Member Show. Group exhibition. Gibson Gallery. 2017

Raw Boston Presents Connect.  Group exhibition. Mixx 360. 2018

Kaleidoscope. Solo exhibition. Potsdam, NY. 2018

SLC Arts Member Show. Group exhibition. Gibson Gallery. 2019

Foster the Plant. Ongoing installation. Potsdam, NY. 2019-Present

SLC Arts Member Show. Group exhibition. Online Exhibition. 2020

Bits and Pieces. Group exhibition. Potsdam, NY. 2021


St. Lawrence University

Bachelor of Arts

Major: Studio Art

May 2016

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